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Last year my iron dropped dangerously low (the ferritin test result came back as zero). Since then, the hematologist has been proactive in helping me avoid another similar incident. I see the hematologist every two months so she can more closely monitor my blood and order the IV iron BEFORE iron gets dangerously low. CBC and ferritin are done, but my ferritin results usually aren't available the day of my visit (they send those tests out). I saw the doc last week and my hemoglobin was on the very low side of normal and she said she would call if ferritin has dropped significantly to go ahead and order the IV before I drop too much.

Where my doctors have not been proactive is in determining WHY my iron drops. I have had to be my own advocate in requesting additional tests (like B-12), seeing a gastroenterologist to have a colonoscopy and endoscopy, seeing GYN to try to reduce or eliminate menstrual flow, researching dietary changes to enhance iron absorption, etc., all to no avail so far.

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