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Anemia (as evidenced on the CBC) is considered the final stage of iron deficiency anemia. It is the lowest point you can get to in iron deficiency.

Iron deficiency starts with a problem which causes your iron to deplete. The depletion can take days, weeks, or years. During the depletion stage, the ferritin starts dropping. During that time, you may not have any symptoms. When you ferritin starts getting very low, you may start with odd symptoms.

When ferritin is totally depleted, your body starts pulling iron right out of your blood to do what it needs too. This is when anemia starts.

If you have low ferritin, but not anemia, you just haven't gotten to that point where your body needs to pull your serum iron yet. You must have *some* left in storage. Once you use that, you will start with anemia.

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