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HannahHannah57--Those are really good results. What type of blood test did she take? If it was a standard CBC I would most likely believe the results. If it was a finger *****, I wouldn't count on it as being correct. That happened to me but they told me my number was much lower and sent me straight from the GYN to the Hematologist for a STAT blood and it was normal for me at the time. But, they scared the crap out of me at the time. Usually it takes a lot longer to get those results. I think maybe it's because you did everything right and took a lot of iron. All those things make a difference. Also, your body knows how much iron to absorb naturally and that mechanism kicks in and goes to work for you. You were severely low in iron, I think that's why you absorbed so quickly. You are now moderately anemic which is a lot better.

Even at 8 Hgb your going to feel really bad. That is where I started 8.5 and I was unable to go out and work. I don't know how you were functioning. Your body is not ready to go out and do those things right now. You need to rest, drink lots of water and take the supplements. Take a multi vitamin to help in building new red blood cells if you are not on one.

Heather, I was very much like you, but my get up and go, got up and went. I think you need to take it easy. Don't force your body to go because your using up the energy that you need to get well. I tried to make myself go, I thought that was what I needed, but it made things much worse for me.

Because you are getting good results I don't think you need to see a Hematologist at this point. I would however, if your numbers drop or if your PCP doesn't find out why you dropped in the first place. If you want to just for peace of mind you can do that too. I know I felt so much better to be seen by a Hematologist because he knew exactly what to do and I was really scared. It is not enough to begin iron you have to find the cause. That is what you can discuss with your doctor those possibilities. Keep us posted! FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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