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[QUOTE=FLFLOWERGIRL;3450781]What does your Hgb usually run? If it is low end range you may continuously be pulling from your ferritin. How long were you taking iron supplements and how much daily to raise your ferritin? Have you had your B-12 and folate checked? If none of these things stand out as a possibility I would consult a specialist if your PCP isn't going any further. FLFLOWERGIRL:)[/QUOTE]

i have no idea what my Hgb usually runs; my doctor only said it was "normal" (i have never been given any numbers). i was taking 2 160mg tablets every day for about six months, and my blood iron was raised to "normal" but my ferritin stayed the same. i had to stop taking the iron because i was getting black spots on my teeth. i had B12 and folate checked and both were "normal" again. taking the iron never seemed to make a difference in my exhaustion and light-headedness.

what kind of specialist would i have to go to? not that it matters, my doctor won't give me any referrals because she thinks that my problems are caused by depression!
The first thing that I would do is get a hard copy of your lab results for your own reference. You can post your labs if you like and people here can take a look for you. I would want to know if the Hgb was on the low end range because it makes a GREAT difference in absorbing into the ferritn and your over all health. Optimal Hgb for females would be 14 Hgb and 12 is lowest end range or 11.5. You also have to be at a normal Hgb for a period of time to roll over into the ferritin. At least that was my experience. I'm not sure how much elemental iron there is in your supplement. There are also many different types of iron to try that don't cause black spots. Taking iron for me didn't make a difference in my symptoms until my Hgb was up to a good number and my ferritin was raised. Ferritin could very well be your problem and cause depression or anxiety. For me it was anxiety. My doctor also told me I was depressed, but it was absolutely NOT true. If you already suffer from depression/or not, a low ferritin could possibly make things worse for you. I would start with a GI doc to rule out any blood loss and absorption or disease. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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