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Hi everyone,
I am writing for some advice, since I have no clue..I am taking 3- 325mg. ferrous sulfate daily {although, a lot of days, I can't seem to fit it in and am now taking 2 doses at times} 1500mg calcium 3 x daily for low calcium due to parathyroid damage for thyroid cancer surgery. I have read on here and have been helped in the past by ChristineVA who told me to take the calcium and iron 3 hours apart from each other, which I am doing. I take Levothyroxine at 6:30 am, and I have to wait 4 hours to take calcium, then I wait 3 hours for iron, then calcium, iron, calcium, iron.{usually end by 11:30pm to try to get it all in} NOW my new question, my B12 was at 202 {180-900} so I called and the nurse said to take 1,000mcg. daily of B12. More pills, where do I POSSIBLY fit these in? With the calcium, or with the iron, or whenever??? You have all given me such wonderful advice and I sincerely appreciate it. Oh, yes, I almost forgot, I do not have any more bloodwork until the end of April, so is it ok to continue with the iron for that long? I don't want to take too much for too long, although my ferritin needs to be raised also, it was 5 on one labs test, and 11 on the other. So, ok to continue iron 2-3x daily? Also, please help to let me know if the B12 interferes with anything. Thanks so much,
[QUOTE=FLFLOWERGIRL;3452625]I would take the B-12 1 hr after the Levo, to have one thing happening at a time. This might help with energy throughout the day too by taking it in the morning. I don't think the things that you listed above have interactions with B-12, but you can look up the list on the net easy enough or ask your pharmacist to be sure. I don't know if we already said this, ME-B12 is the type to purchase Methyl--cobalamin, NOT Cyano--cobalamin for best absorption. It is sublingual drops under the tongue or B-12 dots available OTC. Usually found at a healthfood store or vitamin shop.

I wouldn't double on FS because 1.) You only absorb a little at a time and if all at once then you are getting less than you think. 2.) It is also harder on your GI tract, that's a large amount to be taking at once. I would take 3 separate doses, if you can't settle for 2 that day, take the 3rd dose with your meal if you have to. You have to have some ~flexibility~ with a schedule as yours.

I would think that your fine to take iron through April with no problems. Especially with a low ferritin that is recommended. I think 3 FS is a lot to take because it is so harsh. FLFLOWERGIRL:)[/QUOTE]

Thank you so much, FLFLOWERGIRL,
You have responded to my questions and have been so helpful to me...I appreciate it so much!!! I meant in my post that I sometimes{often times} only take 2 doses of the iron for the day because I can't fit it in, I never take 2 at the same time. So far, I haven't had a problem with upset stomach, too much. I would LOVE it if taking the B12 would give me more energy throughout the day, needing more always. Just still don't feel the same as before my surgery, but getting there....never realized how anemia, low ferritin, low B12 etc. would affect me, I'm sure it all plays a role in being tired.
I will call the pharmacist about interactions, although he has never said to take anything apart from anything else, you and Christine have been so much more helpful than the pharmacist and/or the doctor's office. I like the endo, but he is far from offering a lot of extra info, just says to take iron, calcium, and now B12.
Thanks again for being there!!

Adding the B-12 should be a breeze. Especially look for the kind that goes under your tongue and then you don't have to worry about any interactions at all since you will not be having the B12 in the intestines with anything. As far as I know, B12 can be taking with anything.

You do have a tough schedule and I will say that your first priority is ALWAYS going to be the calcium in your case. After that, the iron. I think I would just do 2 iron tabs a day, just to give yourself a break. And it looks like your ferritin is on the way up.[/QUOTE]

Hi Christine,
I will definitely look to buy the sublingual drops, I bought some B12 at the pharmacy today, but I forgot about the sublingual drops and bought the cyanocobalamin, but I will go to a health store and get the sublingual. I do try to follow my "schedule" as best as possible, but find I am slipping more as it gets hard when I'm not home and have to bring the supplements with me and at times I forget, etc. But, trying my best. It kinda scared me that everything was so low, so I need to follow my schedule as best as possible. I do hope the B12 helps, too. I have never had so much blood work, so I may have been deficient or tended to run low for years, who knows? I especially hope that my parathyroids that remain will kick in soon, so I don't have to take so much calcium for the rest of my has been 6 months since surgery....we'll see, one day at a time!! Thank you as always for your kindness and your awesome advice, I sincerely appreciate it!! I hope that you are doing well, you have had so many of the same issues as me, you are just further along in your journey, with your TC and low blood levels. You help on here and on the TC website, and have helped me more than my doctor, so God Bless You for all your help. Be well!!!
Take care,

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