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[QUOTE=osteoblast;3452589]Hi old friends! It's been a little while since I have been at this board. I am still working on my ferritin but not taking a high dose any longer. When I got to 48 or so my pcp said stop with the higher dose and just go to a daily dose of 18mg. Next week I will get the ferritin checked and see where things have gone with the low dose.
My question today is about when I take my iron, what I should keep it away from. Since I went down to the lower dose I have just tried to take it about 2 hours before dinner with orange juice. But what I am wondering is if that is too close to taking my multi at noon, and also my calcium. Also I take zinc and copper do these need to be separated from the iron as well?
I can't seem to recall the interaction stuff that I looked at when I was on the high dose.
I am concerned about the iron now especially because my thyroid tests recently showed , low t3--thus I have trouble converting the t4 to t3. I have read that low iron can be one thing that screws up the conversion. Also iodine. Well, if anyone knows anything about the t3 I would love to hear it .
I hope you all are doing well!:)[/QUOTE]
Hi all

I'm new to this forum, but I was diagnosed with anemia in December (ferritin - 20). I was feeling sick for years but now they at least know what was wrong. I had such dry skin, mouth and eyes that they thought it was sjogren's syndrome at first.

Anyway, as to what to keep iron away from, it interferes with thyroxine because I noticed I was badly hypothyroid again when I took them too close together. I have heard you should take them 6 hours apart, with the thyroid first, so I am taking my thyrxoine first thing in the morning and the iron (200 mg at the moment) at night. This high iron level really messed up my zinc too and I lost my sense of taste (my doctor didn't put me on iron WITH zinc, so I have been supplementing myself.) Now I have a hematologist doing tests on me, but about how much zinc am I meant to supplement? What is the usual dose people are put on?

The other thing is, if you supplement zinc, do you have to supplement copper too? Since iron interferes with copper, and copper and zinc interfere with each other, any ideas?

Sorry I couldn't be more help.


PS Iron absorbs better with Vitamin C, but has to be taken a long time away from zinc. My zinc supplement had a small dosage of copper with it, so I assume you can take those together, but I don't know for sure how it works. I think you have to also keep iron away from calcium supplements, and magnesium too.

I do know a little about T3. For those who have trouble converting T3 to T4, I believe it is called "Wilson's Thyroid Syndrome". There are two types of thyroid your doctor can give you. Levothyroxine (T4) is the usual one, but if you have a real T3 problem, they can cut your T4 and supplement with T3 instead. They mostly hate doing this because it is a new therapy and you need an experienced practitioner to carry it out with you because if it is done incorrectly, it can make things worse. You can at least ask about the possibility of T3 supplementation though if you have a genuine T3 problem.

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