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This is my first post on this forum, although I have been lurking for a while.

About 10 months ago I was complaining to my psychiatrist that I was exhausted all the time. However, I didn't feel like I was really depressed. (although I suffer from depression and ptsd) At the time I was on lexapro, seroquel and lamictal. My psychiatrist decided to order some blood work: cbc, diffused and a thyroid check. The results came back that my thyroid was normal but I was slightly anemic and my white blood cell cound was on the low side. (3.3)

My psychiatrist believed the problem could be with the lamictal so we decided to lower it. Fast forward 6 months as I was weened of the med and blood tests were taken every 2 months with consistant mild amenia and low cbc. My Dr suggested that I go see a hemotologist.

When I went she ran several tests, ruled out autoimmune problems, and thalasemmia. On my first visit my wbc amazingly went up to 5.7!! After 6 months of it being consistantly low.

2 weeks later, when my results was in my ferritin level came back as a 4. In addition, a cbc on that day showed my wbc count was 2.4 The Dr put me on high doses of iron, but she was not concerned about my wbc count.

I am feeling slightly better now that I have started iron supplements but I don't really know why my ferritin and wbc is so low. Any thoughts?
Your ferritin is low because you are iron deficient--plain and simple.

As for the WBC, it is not really related to the iron deficiency. My WBC has been all over the place. In fact, for most of the whole time I was anemic, my WBC was high--just over the normal range. It had never been that way in my life and I didn't know why. Then, while investigating why I was low in iron, I had an upper endoscopy and they found that I had some gastritis (inflammation of the stomach). When I got that fixed, my WBC went right back down into the normal ranges (around 4.0) and I was still iron deficient and anemic.

If a hematologist is not concerned with the WBC, I would not be either. They are the experts. The WBC can change often due to so many things going on in your body (if you have a cold, if you hurt yourself, if you've recently been sick, or definitely some medications affect it). Try not to worry about that for right now and work on taking that iron. If you continue to have a low WBC, I'm sure your hematologist will start looking for things. If all of your other numbers within the CBC with differential are normal, it's probably nothing.

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