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AudreyB-I just wanted to say hi. I have hashi's and have been treated for about a year and a half. I take synthroid. I have also had low ferritin and used supplemental iron to increase my ferritin level. While taking iron, my dose of synthroid had to be increased because the iron affects thyroid meds and you will get a higher tsh (mine went from 1.5 to 4.0 while on a large dose of iron). When I stopped taking the big dose, my synthroid had to be decreased. I just wanted to let you know how iron affected the meds. Also there are other drugs that can affect your thyroid and your thyroid meds. A really good book on thyroid issues is Thyroid for Dummies,written by Dr. Rubin. I didn't previously think much of the dummies series of books, but this one has been a huge help in figuring out my hashi's. I highly recommend it. You may find it informative and a bit more calming than what you are finding on the net. The whole thing really scared me too. And, I had a hard time getting info from the previous endos I have seen. The book really helped alot to answer questions the docs were just too rushed to answer. If you aren't sure about buying the book , check it out from the library or look at it while at the book store. I think you will find it worthwhile.
Let us know how it all goes. Try not to get too stressed, it is not good for your antibodies and thyroid. Do you know what level your antibodies were found to be at? You will find in all this that you should always get a copy of your lab results, it helps alot.
If you have a cooperative doctor, it may help you to get your CRP-it measures inflammation in your body. Apparently when the autoantibodies are attacking the thyroid it is inflammed-thus hashimoto's thryoiditis (inflammation of thyroid). Because my antibodies are very high, I thought my crp level would be terrible. Well, my crp level was great and that helped me to feel better. Look up crp level- you should find some good info on that. Also you may want to add fish oil for omega 3 and perhaps selenium. The fish oil is believed to lower inflammation and selenium may have an effect of decreasing antibodies. Anyway, Dummies book should help you alot.
Good Luck , it's not the end of the world. Sometimes it is hard, and discouraging but you are certainly not alone! There are alot of people with hashi's and thyroid issues. The thing to really focus on is various wellness aspects of your life- with an autoimmune disease you want to be the healthiest you can be. That means your diet, your exercise, your methods for dealing with stress, your supplements and whatever else you can think of to be healthy all over. Dr. Rubin does a good job on overall health issues and supplements as well.OK-I better quit , it seems I am going on and on.

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