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Littlebunnyfoo - so sorry to hear about your results. It does sound as though the results were false or the lab somehow screwed them up for you to drop so drastically. I too hovered in the 20's for what seemed like forever. I think if you can get out of the 20's then it's easier to begin climbing higher. It has taken me 2yrs to get to where i am now so i know how disheartening it can be. Sometimes taking the iron meds and having to not combine certain food/drinks with the meds became so restricting and frustrating that i wanted to simply throw it all in, but once i saw how much hair had gone down the plughole after washing it i thought i can't stop, i must persevere no matter what.

FLOWERGIRL - I know it likely wasn't funny at the time, but the way you wrote about your blood test and them thinking you were a closet alcoholic really made me laugh :)

Osteo - Hi and thanks so much for your informative post on hashi's. That's what i love about this board, everyone has something personal to say about their own experience so you get a good cross section of info. I have an appointment next thursday with a dr for my thyroid. The trichologist who has been treating my hair/iron issues has referred me to him and says he's the best and that i'll like him a lot so i'm not worried about getting some useless dr who isn't going to give a toss about me as a patient. I've been over the moon with my trichologist b/c he has so much passion for his field and goes overboard for his patients so i'm hoping this specialist i'll be seeing will be the same.

I guess having Hashi's will likely explain a lot. For starters my hormones are all stuffed up and i have been on a herbal mix from a naturopath for nearly 3yrs so that my monthly cycles will be normal. Each time i go off it it's back to square one. The time my periods went all haywire was also about the time i began losing big amounts of hair, but as i had gone through huge amounts of stress in my then marriage i simply thought it was all due to that. My then gp did a thyroid test and also sent me to an endocronologist at one time, but nobody did an antibodies test, just the typical thyroid testing and they both would say, "all ok, within range" can't be your thyroid. Looking back at those figures, my current doctor thinks those figures should have been better and that especially the endocronologist should have done something back then.

I have been wondering what's caused it and wonder whether it could have been due to the huge amounts of stress i underwent over a long period of time. I wonder now whether it could have been avoided. If i knew it was genetic i'd not worry so much as you can't do much about genetics. I suppose it doesn't matter either way now, so long as the meds work and i get my hair back and get normal monthly cycles i'll be happy. I do worry that perhaps my hair will never return to normal.

I don't know my CRP level. I can't see anything on my test results to do with CRP. Maybe the thyroid dr will check for that. For the antibodies on my test results it says:
(not sure whether these results will mean anything as they may use different figures/ranges in other countries)

Anti Thyroglobulin 85 (<60) u/L
Anti Thyroid Peroxidase >1300 (<60) u/L

I also forgot to mention that my results came back showing that i was a 'little' gluten intolerant. Meaning 15 is the cut off figure here and i got an 18 so i'm 3 points over. I suppose even being a little intolerant could have affected my iron levels. So that is something else to try and figure out, especially as everything has the bad grains in it and if something does happen to be gluten free they triple the price tag on it. You have to read the ingredients so carefully. I bought some wraps instead of bread for lunch at work during the week and it said they were rice wraps, but only 70% is rice, the rest is wheat flour.

I have found however that i'll sometimes get a bit bloated after even a small meal and i haven't had anything with wheat/barley/rye. I'm wondering whether i have an intolerance to something else or whether thyroid can contribute towards that too.

I will definitely check out that book you suggested. Thanks :)

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