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I go for my first iron infusion tomorrow and I'm really nervous about it. At first my GP ordered a blood transfusion because of the following lab results:
Hemoglobin--7.7 (11.5-16.0)
Hematocrit--.26 (0.35-0.47)
MCV--62 (80-98)
MCH--18 (25-34)

However, after talking with a specialist they decided to try an iron infusion first, since my iron panel showed:
Ferritin--4 (20-160)
Iron--3 (10-30)
IBC--70 (45-75)
Saturation--0.04 (0.15-0.50)

The frustrating thing is that my iron panels have looked like that for the last 6 years (when they first checked them) and the doctors I've seen acted like it wasn't that big a deal! They put me on oral iron but all I did was have severe stomach pain, vomiting, and basically lived in the bathroom. They've tried different varieties of oral iron but I couldn't tolerate any of them. I used to ask about iron injections but they said it wasn't necessary. *snort*

My hemoglobin was 9.9 on the 14th of December, so it dropped all the way to 7.7 in 2 months. We've done tests that came back negative for any blood loss through my digestive tract, and although my periods are odd, I rarely bleed at the moment (I'm waiting for a D&C because the lining is too thick, but it's not getting any thicker, so I'm not losing it there).

So I'm hoping that the iron infusion will boost my levels so I don't need a blood transfusion...still, would be nice to know what is causing it to drop so low. The infusion tomorrow is supposed to take 8 hours! Anyone had one last that long?? Good thing I went book shopping...;)

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