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Sorry for the long post, I just need to get this out and maybe I will feel better.
I am really confused...Starting 2/7 my HGB was 6.5, then 6.2 the next week, then went to an 8, 2/19 ( was told by the nurse at my docs office). So I go 2/28 for check & OBGYN tells me no change from the week before, he tells me I was 8.9 the week before not an 8. I said your nurse told me I was an 8 and he said it was written in my chart I was a 8.9.(So I am a little confused there but guess either way i still have anemia) So he says we are ordering full bloodwork test since there has been no change, I mention I have been spotting pretty heavy and he almost ignores it and says we are ordering a full blood test on you. I am taking Ferrous Sulfate twice a day 100mg and prenatals.
I went for a 2nd opinion friday b/c frankly with the difference in what i was told about my levels and the dismissal of several symptons I told him about, including the severe spotting, I was a little angry. So 2nd much younger doctor is Internal medicine(my obgyn is close to retiring) takes blood as well and we go over a lot of possibilities of cause other than just the menstrual. This doc says he is encouraged it has increased and to keep doing what I am doing, add vitamin C to my iron and lets see when bloodwork comes back. He said some people just dont absorb iron supplements and they dont know why and if I dont they can do iron IV. Am I being stupid here, is all this normal, I am already stressed and dont feel well as it is, but my family is freaking out which is freaking me out. They feel they should have already researched further by now and why did it go so low in the first place? I resigned myself to my cause being what OBGYN said,heavy menstruals, but with my family worrying, now I worry and I am having anxiety attacks alot which does not help. I guess I just need reassurance from those that have been there that I am doing the right things. I should have blood results today.

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