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Leigh211--If the reason for anemia is not found it will keep coming back. If it is your periods you have to fix that too. Sometimes it can be from more than one thing. It is good that you are having the colonoscopy and endoscopy at the same time. This will rule out a lot of things and you will feel a lot better about it. I never thought that my periods were that bad to cause something like anemia. Now that I had an ablation to fix it and see how little blood loss there is, I feel ~fairly~ confident that it was the reason.
I was also 45 when I had my testing. This is quite normal for women of this age group that is why the doctors say it's your periods when there is anemia. I was scared of the colonoscopy too because I had never been under before. The procedure really was nothing for me and I feel very self accomplished having had it LOL. There is a lot of good information on this board about colonoscopy, if you use the search box above you can pull up old posts on the subject. It is good that you are eating iron rich foods, meat makes a great difference as well. Good luck and you will be fine. If you have any further questions, just post them. FLFLOWERGIRL:)
My MD told me to get the colonoscopy too. I am going Wednesday morning. I got a lot of great info from searching here. You will too. I am a big chicken too but I am not too worried on this one. Everyone says you are totally out of it. No one has told me one bad thing so far. I will happily post my experience. Quite frankly I am more worried about being hungry/no coffee :)

I agree with Flflowergirl. I want to know why I am anemic. I want it fixed and it can't be fixed till we know the cause.

Good luck.


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