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FLFLOWERGIRL-- I just called in my prescription today. I think they put me on 300 mg of ferrous gluconate (again). Haven't had time to pick up the RX yet today. Will do it tomorrow morn. I have an appt. with my dr. on March 17, so I will talk to him about the amount I am on and see what he says about a higher dose or possibly switching to another one.

Audrey-B-- I am pretty sure I have had low iron for a while. I remember my mother telling me that I had to have a blood transfusion when I was a baby--not sure what for though. I also had to take iron when I was preggo with my middle daughter. After my son was born (almost 4 years ago) I started having symptoms of low iron, but at that point nothing in my bloodwork was coming back abnormal (they didn't check ferritin). Even had my thyroid checked (as my grandmother is Hypothyroid) and TSH came back at 2.7 (range is 0.35-5.00) and free T4 was 16 (range 9-23) so looked to be smack dab in the middle of range (these levels are from back in Oct. 2005). I had it tested again last week but didn't get the results yet. Was just told my Ferritin is still on the low side. I honestly did not know that having low iron long term can affect the thyroid...learn something new everyday. I do have gastritis, which is inflammation of the stomach lining, and wonder if that could be a reason that it is not going up all that much--stomach being inflammed causing iron not to be absorbed as well? I did have my b12 checked along with my ferritin and it was in range. Had it checked due to tingling/burning in hands and feet at night when sleeping. Is there a blood test to check vitamin levels or is it a bunch of different ones?
The only medication/vitamins I am on right now are Pariet (Aciphex) for the gastritis and acid reflux and was on Ferrous Gluconate.
I read somewhere that Vitamin C helps with iron this true? Would orange juice count as that or does it have to be in pill form?
Sorry this is so long just trying to figure out ways to get better!!:(

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