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Hi Diamond - i agree with FLFLOWERGIRL, it can take a loooooong time. It took me a whole year to get from 8 to 29, then 3 months after that i dropped to 26, then had iron injections and went up to 35 and now i'm at 61 and i've got my eye on 100. This whole process has taken 2yrs so you have to be patient.

It can take a while to build iron stores either due to the iron you are on is too low a dose or simply b/c any iron stores you get go firstly to areas like your bone marrow and muscles. You energy levels and your hair get what's left over.......if there is any left over.

Are you taking Lysine tablets? Lysine helps speed the delivery of iron throughout the body, helps rebuild hair shaft structure as it's one of the essential amino acids we need. You can get it through some foods, but then other foods which are high in arginine kill off the lysine. In rare cases people may have experienced a side effect, but i wont mention names :D

You have to be careful with long term low iron levels as it can affect your thyroid. In my case my thyroid was a bit out and we believed it was a matter of simply raising my ferretin, but after a fresh blood test it has been found that i do have some sort of a thyroid condition. At this stage they think it's Hashimoto's, but a few more tests are required to eliminate certain other thyroid conditions. I think i've had a thyroid issue for a number of years now, but the basic thyroid tests performed never picked up on it. So just take care that all other things are eliminated and also that other key things like your vitamin D, zinc, iodine, selenium etc are at the required level as often when levels take a while to go up it might be due to something else not being right or possibly lacking.

All the best and most definitely keep us posted on your progress :)
Diamond - the range on my thyroid results is a different range to the one on your results so i can't comment (ranges on test results will vary from country to country). I can say that my TSH, T3 and T4 all came back within range and if i had gone to an ordinary gp he would most likely have said all was ok, just like they have for the last 10yrs. I was fortunate that the specialist i see doesn't believe a lot of this "within range" business. It was only after the thyroid antibodies test that it was discovered that there was most definitely a thyroid problem.

To get your vitamin levels tested it is simply a blood test. For my Iodine level he got me to do a urine test as it's most accurate.

Your stomach issue could very well be linked to your low iron levels. I too think taking vitamin c tablets might be the way to go as orange juice might cause more problems for the inflammation in your stomach. I would definitely see what can be done for your stomach.

Do you still have the tingling in your hands and feet? or was that only short term? I don't mean to blame every symptom on the poor old thyroid but i could swear i read somewhere that that was a symptom. Then again, i'm sure i've read of other conditions where tingling hands/feet are a symptom.

The thing is that you have to do so much research to get to the bottom of everything to locate the underlying cause of everything that is going on. When i found out that i was so low in iron, i was so happy to find out what was wrong with me, but even though my ferretin is up to 61, all didn't seem right. Now after speaking to me, the thyroid dr thinks my issues could stem from the bowel department, but further tests will give more clues. That is why it's not too good to get 100% fixated on one thing, when it could very well be linked to something else.

I hope you love doing jigsaw puzzles as it's something like that i think :)

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