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[QUOTE=diamond79;3477714]I do still get the tingling/burning feeling esp. at night or when my hands and feet have been cold and start to warm up. I noticed yesterday under the light the skin under my fingernails (nail beds I guess you would call them?) were blue!!?? I am assuming my circulation is very poor in my hands and feet! I also have real bad fingernails that have lines and craters in them which I showed my dr. and he asked me if I slammed them in a door or something! (I didn't by the way).[/QUOTE]

diamond79-Hi! I have tingling/burning sensations in my hands and feet (and sometimes the tip of my nose and ears), particularly when they get cold. While I am severely anemic, those symptoms are not from it, they are because I have Raynaud's Phenomenon which the anemia happens to worsen at the moment. Raynaud's Phenomenon can occur in 2 varieties, primary (you don't have any underlying condition causing it so it is occurring on its own) and secondary (normally caused by an underlying autoimmune disease like arthritis, scleroderma, or lupus, or other diseases like thyroid problems)

I have the secondary type, caused by some sort of arthritis (we can't figure out which one). My nail beds often have this purplish color to them and my hands are cool to the touch most of the time. When they get cold (either from the weather, or sticking them in the freezer to get ice) or I get anxious or upset(which makes my hands turn clammy and cold), my fingertips go through the following changes:

1.They turn pale or white and start to feel numb (as the blood vessels in them constrict and blood flow is reduced).

2.The purple tone deepens, sometimes to blue (this is because of prolonged oxygen deprivation from lack of blood flow). At this point sometimes they go completely numb, depends on how cold they are. They will stay that at this stage until I warm them up.

3.When they warm up they start to tingle/burn as the blood rushes back into the them and the skin turns red/pink.

The white/blue/red 3 phase changes are very characteristic of Raynaud's. Both my fingers and toes do this...I have a hard time keeping them warm!

My Rheumatologist told me that sometimes Raynaud's Phenomenon will show up before the underlying autoimmune/rheumatic disease shows up in blood work. It's not anything dangerous (the secondary form is usually milder than the primary form), just a sign that you might want to be checked out for an autoimmune or thyroid disease...especially if you have joint/muscle pain that doesn't go away when your anemia is improved.

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