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[QUOTE=help wanted :(;3476639]how many of you suffer from anxiety realted to your anemia? recently my anxiety has got so bad i cant dp simple things..
did you feel your anxiety improve as your iron went up? did this take a long time? does anyone have any ideas of anything you can take to help with the anxiety?
many thanks[/QUOTE]

help wanted--I don't know if everyone suffers from anxiety with anemia. I *do* believe that you have to sort of have a predisposition to anxiety to have it rear its ugly head during anemia.

I can only tell you that during the years before I was officially found to have anemia and then during the time that I was diagnosed and at my worst, my anxiety was HORRIBLE. I'm sure the very low ferritin even causes it without actually having the anemia.

I can say that my anxiety is TONS better than I had been now that I am "cured." I know that I will certainly, in the future, watch my anxiety levels for clues that my iron storage is not right.

When I was trying to treat the anxiety (not knowing that I had low iron), I did seek out a psychiatrist because the GPs are woefully awfully at properly prescribing psych meds. This doctor was very understanding and worked with me--even sending me to a therapist to see if it would help. What really stood out was that my "anxiety" was not the same as what other people get. It didn't respond to antidepressants (Prozac, et al) or other types like Buspar. In fact, it made them worse. I ended up relying strictly on Xanax (with lots of monitoring). It was the only thing that smoothed it out. But it doesn't stop the "worry" that goes on in your mind that is associated with anxiety. It just stops the horrible physical symptoms.

Now that my anemia is better, I hardly have to use the Xanax at all.

In fact, I just changed jobs this week. It was a MAJOR change for me and one that I would never considered back during the throes of my anemia. I could not have faced it. Now that I'm feeling better I made the move and it has been INCREDIBLY stressful. Yep, I'm having lots of sleepless nights, I'm all wound up. But it's all normal. And I've gotten through it without a single Xanax!!!

So, my advice to you is to find a doctor who will work with you and get you the coping medication you need to get through this rough patch. You generally will improve as you improve the anemia.

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