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Congrats on the great numbers.

My only thought on the higher liver enzymes is that it could be your Poly Iron 150. I do not think that you are in iron overload by any means, but your iron stores are getting to a healthy number. The iron you are taking, at this point, may be more than you need.

I know that when my ferritin reached 25, my GP thought I should just stick with 18 mg of iron per day. Even though 25 ferritin is still too low, when you do start rising they want to be careful with iron overload. Since your ferritin is getting good, you could be stressing your organs with that much iron. Now, this just my opinion. But for an "experiement", I might try switching to an iron dose of either 18 or 27 mg per day for about 2 months, and then go back and have your liver enzymes checked (along with your ferritin).

By the way, my internal medicine doctor (who is pretty good and not the same doc as my GP) likes to see everyone at 50. He said most people at 50 feel good.

I think the iron supplements can cause some odd things in lab values. I noticed that once my HGB and HCT got into ideal values, my MCHC is flagged as high. No one can tell me why but MCHC is the mearement of iron in the red blood cell. I think mine is flagging high because my HGB and HCT or now normal (and a "good" normal) and I am still taking supplements.

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