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Hi everyone reading this post!

I have new lab results and a couple of questions that I would appreciate opinions on. Great News!

I had my labs done last week, my Ferritin went from 35 to 43 :D In less than 2months, and I started at 2. It is on the upward trend with 1X Poly Iron daily 150 mgs. My Hgb is now optimal at a 14.1 and I am so happy for that! It has almost doubled since DX'd. My B-12 dropped 85 points in 6 months, I have no idea why other than I was taking prenatals back then. But it is at 901 with a Folate greater than }20.0. They both came back flagged High but I am happy with that.

Now, my first question is I was told by the Hematologist to stay on iron until menopause and I just turned 46 so that could be a while. If my Hgb is 14.1 and after the Ferritin is filled (at what number I have no idea):confused: why should I stay on iron ~additional years~ while having very light periods? Is he trying to give me Iron overload or what? This is a real concern for me and my PCP isn't that great. My GYN told me that I should discuss this with him LOL. I also asked her about Ferritin and she said, she had no idea that it could cause symptoms! OMG!! She did state that 35 was low. I have yet to have a doc give me an optimal number as a goal. All I know is what I read on this board and my friends experiences.

Second, In the beginning when I was really ill my (ALT) was 18 and (AST) 17. As I got well it went to (ALT) 41 high end of range 35 and (AST) 31 high end of range 31. Is this bad? My PCP marked through the H Flag and said, you know the answer already, ~within range~ but this is above range 6 points. My thoughts are that my liver wasn't functioning correctly because of the lack of iron. Now that the stores are higher it is working more efficiently. Does that make any kind of sense? OR could it be thyroid related as I have read that too can cause your ALT to go up? I have not had a glass of wine or anything in over a year so it's not that, but I am ready to celebrate now! I am waiting for my GI doc to give his opinion since he is the pro at this stuff.

I also went to the doc by myself with the aid of Xanax, first time in over a year. I'm making success finally. Before I would slither down the walls and they offered me wheelchairs. The doctor said as she listened to my heart that it is beating much slower than when I had palps with the anemia and that my BP was great and my color is good. I said, yes, it is the Xanax LOL. The man at the lab wanted to know where my DH was. I am just telling you all this because I have never needed help before, it was all the ANEMIA.

Any ideas and answers would be great! TIA FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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