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Hi i recently got blood test results that said i was anemic. Does anyone know what these #'s mean and if it is severe? I have an appointment with a Hematologist in 2 weeks but i could hardly keep my head up???

Hemoglobin 10.5
hematocrit 31.8
MCV 77.6
MCH 25.7
RDW 15.7
Iron total 28 TIBC 477 Transferrin Sat 6
Ferritin 3
any info would be greatly appreciated
I don't have all the normal ranges memorized, but can say that your hemoglobin and ferritin are low, particulary your ferritin, which measures the iron stored in your body. It is good that you are seeing a hematologist. They will be able to best evaluate your condition.
I have hemoglobin and ferritin levels that are slightly better than yours right now and I am also extremely fatigued. I cannot make it through a work day and leave early each day to go home for a nap. Your iron levels may not be so low that it is dangerous (ie, need immediate transfusion) but they are certainly low enough to cause fatigue. My hemoglobin is around 11 and ferritin is 4.9. I have a chronic problem and had my iron drop dangerously low last year, so I am monitored closely and am getting an iron infusion tomorrow. I am not sure what your doctor will recommend for you , especially since your history is a little different -- I have not had gastric bypass.
I also feel horrible and have been feeling this way for months. I just did not know until 1 month ago what the cause was. My hemoglobin has been as low as a 6.2 and as high as a 8.9 in the last month, they have me coming every week to test. Last Thursday it dropped back down to an 8.5.
They have now referred me to a hematologist, I go tomorrow. It takes all I can to make it to work everyday and I found I am best in the morning, by lunch I am exhausted, but I am pushing on, it is tough though.
[QUOTE=shelsdina1;3479646]thanks FLFlowergirl
I had gastric bypass surgery 3 years ago so i think that is why I am anemic. I havent seen the hematologist yet. I have an appointment in 1 1/2 weeks it seems like forever. I am sooo exhausted all of the time i can hardly keep my body standing. If I am mildly anemic would that cause such exhaustion???
thanks again[/QUOTE]

shelsdina1--Now I understand why you are seeing a Hematologist. They usually prescribe IV iron therapy for GBP patients, but sometimes they try the oral route at first. My sister is going through this right now but she was noncompliant with her supplements. The problem is the malabsorption issues related with the SX. Keep up on the B-12 as well, this may help with the exhaustion too. At least you will be getting what you need to correct the anemia and iron levels.

I know how long it seems in between appointments when you are so ill. Mine were 2 weeks apart for a whil when I was really ill and it seemed like I wasn't going to live to make it to the next one. Good luck to you. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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