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[QUOTE=violette1954;3484776]I'm surprised that my Physician didn't order a ferritin test as well. I see that some people are posting about serum iron and ferritin levels, two different things correct? Do they reflect each other in any way?
The thing that bugs me the most is my Doc's casual attitude towards the whole business.
Initially it was about my shortness of breath, he sends me to an allergist. It seems I'm "mildly" allergic to cats.
No symptoms of real asthma, yet I'm always short of breath.
About 6 months ago I had gone to him complaining of aching pain and stiffness in my muscles and joints minutes after doing aerobics. He said it was because I was out of shape, ditto the shortness of breath. Perhaps I wasn't clear enough...shrugs.
My blood pressure is up and down, mostly up and he says that's nothing to worry about either and that it's quite common. What's wrong with this guy? He did send me to an Allergist (for the shortness of breath) an Ear Nose and Throat specialist for possible sleep apnea, that was a joke.
I had a colon screening recently and an esophageal dilation (difficulty swallowing) 2- 1/2 years ago. These tests showed nothing out of whack. I tell on him on previous visit I have serious trouble sleeping and he asks "why do you have trouble sleeping?"
I tell him on this last visit that my skin is itchy everywhere on my body (head to toe). Guess what he says... "well there could be some additive in the vitamins you are taking that is causing the itching."
Seriously, I am so fed up with this guy, I tend to go to a medi-clinic rather than see him unless it's absolutely necessary ie. certain prescriptions or blood work and x-rays.

I've had the feeling that he thinks I'm neurotic and looking for attention. I have been worried that maybe these symptoms ARE psychosomatic.
So you can imagine how relieved I am to find out that there is a physical cause for my (put all symptoms of low iron here) and that I'm not whacked. But what I cheezed off at his ineffectiveness as a Doctor.

My question at this point is why does he say my low iron has come on suddenly? What does that mean?[/QUOTE]

I am going though exactly the same thing as you are right now. You are not crazy!!! I was called into the doctor's office after routine bloodwork revealed that I was anemic. I was feeling pretty rotten at the time (tired, dizzy, ears ringing, lightheaded, irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, aching in joints, etc.).

I took iron for a few months and felt no change. When I went back to the doctor for follow-up she said my hemoglobin was normal but my ferritin was pretty much at 0. When I mentioned that I was not feeling any better, she told me that an extremely low ferritin would not make me feel sick (even though I have found much evidence to the contrary), to stop taking the iron, and that my problems must all be mental! She very causal about the whole thing and also implied that I was being neurotic.

If you did not mention "he" when talking about your doctor, I would have been sure we were seeing the same one! My doctor said it is "normal" for women to be anemic and said she "assumed" mine was caused by "heavy periods" (which I do not have) and did not order one test to determine the cause of my anemia. Were you sick at all recently? My anemia seemed to come on after a long bout of strep throat last year - before that all my bloodwork was normal (I think).

P.S. [B]serum iron[/B] is the amount of iron that is stored in your blood, and [B]ferritin[/B] is is a protein found inside cells that stores iron so your body can use it later. When your body is depleted of serum iron (through blood loss, illness, etc.) it has to pull from the ferritin or iron stores. If the ferritin is depleted, you become anemic.

P.P.S. In Canada, our hemoglobin numbers ARE a little different. In women, normal hemoglobin ranges from 120 g/L to 160 g/L (12.0 g/dL to 16.0 g/dL). In men, normal hemoglobin levels range from 140 g/L to 180 g/L (14.0 g/dL to 18.0 g/dL). So your hemoglobin of 126 was on the low end of normal.

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