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Hello, I hope someone can advise me

I recently had some blood work done, since feeling pressure near the area of my liver and burning pain through my shoulder and neck and horribly restless legs at night. The Doctor finally recommended the blood work. I believe they tested for ferritin levels, iron binding capacity and haemoglobin. The Doc calmly told me that my iron level was a "bit" low...4. Cough. From what I understand it should have been 12-15!
Looking back I realize I have had "all" the classic symtoms of anemia for several months now, yet he claimed I was "not" anemic, explaining that my low iron level was more or less sudden. My haemoglobin was around 126.
He recommended my taking an an iron supplement... that's it, nothing more, no questions, no other suggestions. I have visited this same Doctor many times with various aches and pains during the last couple of years. I have been having shortness of breath, aching muscles and joints after aerobics (which I had to stop doing 'cause it was more painful than anything else) restless legs, tinnitis, problems with concentration and memory and lightheadedness and so on, and now itchy, itchy skin everywhere. Thank-goodness I still have my hair.
Shouldn't he have been a little worried for me? Perhaps asked questions about my eating habits, if my periods were heavy etc.?
I know I don't eat properly. I asked him if he thought I could be bleeding internally and he said no. My stools have been a normal colour, not too dark or light.

An iron level of 4 sounds pretty serious doesn't it? Then why does my Doctor seem so unconcerned?

Just so I can understand this, the Ferritin level is the amount of iron stored in your body. Is that right?
Your iron level measures the amount of iron in the liquid part of your blood.
Is "iron binding capacity" the ability of iron to bind with red blood cells to carry oxygen?
My iron binding capacity (transferrin levels) is 74 is that good or bad?

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