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I too had years and years of regular (every 28 days) but very heavy periods, my dr always suggested birth control pills which I did not want to take and I also had mild anemia for which I was taking suppleents once a day. But I guess being perimenopausel changes everything! I too was having irregular heartbeats and actually went to a cardiologist!! At one point it really scared me my heart was so irregular! I had an EKG, an echocardiogram and then had to wear a holter monitor fr 24 hours. The monitor showed that I had 3000 PVC's in 24 hours which the DR considered alot and I then had to do a stress test. In the end all seems OK and probably related to the anemia. My levels are now normal and my heart seems to be more normal now also. I do have to go back to the cardiologist in 6 months for a follow-up though. Through all this my ferritin levels have NEVER been checked and that is something I want done when I return to the gyno in a couple of weeks. One other thing about the iron causing heartburn, I read somewhere about not lying down for 1/2 hour after taking a supplement, maybe that would help and also drink a full glass of water with each supplement.

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