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Hi Everyone,

This has been a crazy few months. I did get a final dx of celiac, which has been causing the anemia (plus low vitamin d, b12, etc.). The iron supplements, and hopefully the gluten free diet that I've been faithful to for two months, are helping. I'm getting toward a normal range for hemoglobin--ferritin has gone up from 1 to 15! :)

So here's my question, though. My reticulocyte index is NOT going up. It's been anywhere from 0.3 to 0.5, but when adjusted for the level of anemia, it's much lower (0.5 is the low end of the normal range). Any sense of why this would be? RBC's are looking healthier over all, fewer odd shapes and better size and color. My PCP is not too worried about the retic count because RBCs are improving. Should I be worried?

Also, I had a strange bout with appendicitis (it lasted for two weeks, three trips to the ER, two hospital admissions...). As you might guess, I had a number of CBCs in this period, some as little as 12 hours apart. The numbers ranged pretty significantly! One evening I was "low" at 11.5 (though still higher than I had been at 9) the next morning I was "normal" at 12.4...! My dr. had mentioned that serum iron levels swing a lot, but so can other values, so remember to look at the overall trend, and not one particular reading.

(I had to laugh though... My gyn's office called all worried about my ferritin level--this was the first of my blood that they'd seen--"it's low, you're only 15!" I was like, "that's great! I was 1 for many months!" But she did give me an rx for Repliva, a once/day iron supplement, with C, B12, folic acid all built in! Many fewer pills to take. Now just that, calcium, D, and the antibiotics to clear up the infection I got after surgery...!)


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