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Hi Nicdec and welcome to the boards :) you have done the right thing by attempting to do something about your situation. I can tell you one thing, you will be doing tonnes of research on this board and on the net in general. You have to start educating yourself and willing to learn a lot.

What helped me was getting an exercise book and any particular informative info i read on the net or this board eg: names of test results, names of diseases/illnesses, i would copy them down in my book, then i would go off and do my own research or would ask my doctor about certain tests or illnesses. The people on the board can only give so much info, the rest will be up to you. At times you will wish you could simply give up, or that you have reached a dead end, you will also become very frustrated with certain doctors, but you can't give up. You can change your doctor, but you can't give up. For some of us it's taken years to get to where we are now, but that was due to not being armed with the right info or having bad unhelpful doctors.

What Christine said in her post is very true. Some of those over the counter iron supplements are very low dosage and you wont raise your ferretin in a hurry by taking a low dose. There are certain things which can be tested at your gp's level by a basic blood test eg: Celiacs disease to see whether a possible gluten intolerance is the culprit. It can be many things. I made the mistake of simply focusing on low iron and was so set on raising my ferretin that i didn't look sufficiently outside the square. Now i've been told to exclude foods containing gluten and i've also been diagnosed with a thyroid condition called Hashimoto's.

A lot of people who post on this board have also been known to be low in various vitamins/minerals. I was very low in vitamin D and Iodine in particular.

The problem is that our organs are all interconnected and they rely on having a healthy supply of quite a few things. You diminish the supply of something important eg: iron or vitamin D and you can end up causing a domino affect of things which end up affecting one another and lead to symptoms which could belong to any number of things. eg: a lot of people on this board have an iron and thyroid condition and the symptoms are very similar.

So research like crazy, keep notes, look outside the square if necessary and like ChickieLou said, balance it all out with some nice things so you don't go crazy. Best wishes :)

ChickieLou - i never knew that about Greek people. I do know that people of Celtic origin tend to have extremely high iron and that they should always get their iron tested prior to taking iron supplements incase they send their ferretin too high.

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