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:confused: Good morning! I am new to this board, but I am hoping someone can shed some light on my situation. I am a 41 year old with Graves Disease for the past 10 years. We recently moved out of state, so I had to get a new endocrinologist. He checked my blood and said my blood was slightly low, but no concern. He was more concerned with the Vit. D deficiency. When I went back to him, my blood level had dropped and I was anemic. He put me on iron, but after 4 months my level had really not improved. I was sent to a hemotologist who took the ferritin level (it was 4) and I was still borderline anemic. I have very light periods (no need for tampons and really the pads wouldn't have to be changed if I didn't want to feel cleaner). The gynecologist said no ultrasound was needed because my periods weren't heavy and she didn't feel any tumors. I was then sent to a gastro. doctor who did a stool test (finger smear test) and it came back with blood in the stool on all three sections. He did a colonoscopy and endoscopy. He said I had some inflammed hemorroids (probably from the prep, though), a couple of polyps which were sent off but appeared to be fine, and something he wasn't sure of between my stomach and small intestine. It was white and appeared to be a cyst. He took a sample of that to be sent off. My husband said he understand the doctor to say the "cyst" started oozing when the sample was taken. He said nothing he saw gave him any reason to believe the low ferritin level was from here. Now, we are back to square one with no end in sight. I am so tired, irritable, my fingers and feet tingle at times, my legs throb from about 6:00pm until I finally go to sleep. Last night they hurt so badly I wanted to cry. I feel like a hypochondriac, though, since nobody can figure out my problem. I hate to complain to my family because they don't seem to understand. My husband has been great, but I don't think he understands exactly how I feel either. He told me that he was tired of all the testings and if low ferritin levels didn't lead to any crippling or fatal problems, I should just stop the tests. It doesn't seem to matter that I feel horrible. I just want to cry- partly because of the way I feel and partly because I am so frustrated. Can anyone please give me some advice?
Well, I went to the GI on Tuesday. I got really excited only to get disappointed- yet again! He gave me the results (polyp in stomach, small intestine, and one in the blood vessel of small intestine, along with one in the colon). He said what he did notice was my stomach lining was extremely smooth with no folds. He has had me on Prilosec, but I am still hurting (at times doubling over with sharp pains under my bra strap) after I eat. He said he was shocked nobody had checked my vitamin b12 levels because he thought I had prenicious anemia. I was definitely anemic, but my MCV levels were in the normal range which usually wasn't the case. I was hopeful. I got home and was amazed at all the symptoms. My husband and I both were amazed that I had almost every symptom of pernicious anemia listed. We were both so excited. I told him it was too good to be true, though. I don't know how quickly foods get in your blood stream, but I had eaten many eggs, meats, and green leafy vegetables the last 2 days before the test. I told my husband it would come back ok. I guess I was just trying to prepare myself for another disappointment. It didn't work, though. The nurse called and said the blood work was normal. My vitamin b12 was 464 and my folate was 20. I got off the phone and cried for an hour. My little 9 year old didn't say a word. She just looked at me, rubbed my back, and went to finish her school work. She continued with her school work (following my lesson plans like a substitute teacher would) until I was able to come back to reality. I am so tired of tests, of disappointments, of hurting, of people not understanding. We were walking through Wal-mart the other day and I didn't think I could make it because my legs were hurting so badly. I know many of you are in much more pain than I could even think of being in. I have no excuse to complain. I am just so frustrated. As far as the diet- it sounded good to me. My husband wouldn't let me, though. I have just cut out the good stuff (sweets and carbs) to help out my husband. I definitely can't exercise yet. I walk to the mailbox and "puff" my way back to the house. I'm not fat- yes, I could lose a few pounds without any problem, but I am not fat. I just can't do anything. I sit on the sofa and "gasp" for air while watching tv. This is very frustrating when a little girl wants you to run around with her. Even though I'm not fat, I feel like it. I am sorry for such a long post. I just get so frustrated...

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