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Well, once again we are back to square one! :( The GI doc didn't do biopsies on my intestine. The nurse said if I wanted to check for Celiac then maybe the family doctor would do the bloodwork for it. I really don't like this nurse. Well, the family doctor didn't check for it either. I guess because I don't hurt after everything I eat. I went to the new family doctor and was quite impressed with the way he listened to my symptoms. He didn't check my levels since I just had blood work done, but seemed like he was trying to help. He gave me Effexoral (or something like that) for depression- we'll see... I told him I hurt after I ate, so he had me lie back on the table. When he pushed under my bra strap, it hurt. He said it might be my gallbladder. Then he pushed lower in the pelvic area and I yelped "Ouch". He ordered an ultrasound of the abdomen and pelvic. He didn't understand why I was having tingling feet and hands, throbbing legs, or losing my grip while washing dishes or brushing my teeth so he ordered an MRI. Well, the MRI was normal (which I figured it would be). The abdomen was normal which was frustrating since I know how badly it hurts at times. The pelvic showed a 4 cm uterine fibroid. I was shocked since my period is so light (I was on my period last month for 7 days, but only used 11 pads all week). I thought that caused heavy bleeding. He said we would discuss our options in 4 weeks at the follow-up appt. Well, the tingling doesn't seem too bad lately. The problem is my legs hurt so much! It's not just when I lie down for bed. They don't throb, but they feel so heavy and tight. My calves feel like I have been hiking/exercising all day and they ache from the time I wake up until I finally go to sleep. My arms have started acting the same way. It's like a sharp pain in my elbow and then the aching starts from my elbow to my wrist. At least my arms aren't constantly aching though, like my legs. I told my husband I felt like a hypochondriac since I have all these symptoms, but no reason is found. I wish something would show up- nothing bad, but something. Since nothing is showing up, my mom is saying if I lost some weight I would start feeling better. I know I could lose some weight- looking at me I look fine, but the scales don't agree- but when you have to catch your breath (like you have been crying hard and have to gasp for breath) even watching tv, you feel like a ton is on top of you, and you ache- you just don't want to do anything. I am sorry for such a long posting. I guess I just needed to vent. Since nobody around here understands (my husband will listen, but only rubs my back because he doesn't know what to say), I knew ya'll would. Yes, I'm from the south so it's "ya'll". :D Well, I am going to try to go back to sleep. I woke up at 2:30 this morning and am wide awake. Hopefully, I will be able to go back to sleep for a couple of more hours. Thanks for listening!
Good morning! I went to my family doctor hoping for answers, but didn't really get any... He did find the uterine fibroid but since it didn't cause constant pain said we'd just watch it. I was slightly annoyed, though, because he told me (like the other doctors) that was what was causing my heavy cycles. When I had gone to him I had given him a very detailed list of my last cycle showing him how light it actually was (and had been for the past 6-7 months now). I told him the pain I did have and he said since it wasn't constant it must be something else, so we'd just watch it. (What is the something else:confused:) Anyway... he told me at the first visit he didn't understand why I had tingling feet and fingers so he did an MRI on my brain which I knew would come back normal- at least I had a brain show up! :D He said the ultrasound of the abdomen came back normal, but I told him I still had some sharp pains at my bra band (between my breasts) after I ate. He said he didn't know why since it was all normal. At this follow up visit he did my blood work again and I asked if he would do my sugar and cholesterol. He was alittle hesitant until I told him I had a family history of diabetes and heart disease. Well, here are my results:
My [B]ferritin[/B] has come up from a 4 to a 6!!! YEAH!!! My [B]hemoglobin[/B] is a 12.8 now! YEAH, again!!!! The [B]RDW [/B]is still high at 16.6. The [B]Glucose Serum[/B] is slightly high at 101. What was a shocker was the cholesterol results. All my cholesterol results were way off from both my parents who have both had heart attacks and my mom who has has a stroke in the past. That makes it a little scary to say the least! Total cholesterol- 252 high, Triglycerides-218 high, HDL Cholesterol 38 low, VLDL Choleseterol Cal 44 high, and LDL Cholesterol Cal 170 high. The nurse said the results were high and the doctor would check the results again in August when I come back. Hopefully, I won't die of a heart attack before then. :( I guess that might explain some of the reasons I can't catch my breath- and here I thought it had to do with the iron stuff. I am going on some sort of diet next week with my husband. I have to be careful because I am still Vit. D deficient, so I don't want to mess that up anymore. I can't do alot of exercise because the throbbing gets too intense (the endo. doctor says it's because of the Vit. D). The family doctor put me on Effexor XR- I guess so I wouldn't care if I died or not. HAHAHA. I'm just joking on that part. It has helped with the depression some, though. My husband wasn't sure about me taking an anti-depressant but after seeing the difference from the samples he said as long as we continued talking about my feelings he'd let me take them. I am so thankful for such a loving caring husband. I apologize for such a long posting. Thanks for "listening"

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