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TJANE - from what i've read, don't thyroid conditions lead to elevated cholesterol levels? and can also lead to high blood pressure. It seems that a bad thyroid can lead to any number of things.

What sort of a diet are you going on with your husband? You need to take care with diets and being anemic. I know you went from 4 to a 6, but that is extremely low. It's no wonder you feel depressed and out of condition. Even exercise is supposed to be ruled out as it takes up too my oxygen in the body and you don't have sufficient of that due to harldy no iron stores.

I was also extremely low in vitamin D. I think i've pushed mine close to 100 now but both my doctors want it at 125 and the range on the test result is (48 - 144). I used to be at 40, which was below low. My doctor gave me some vitamin D liquid in a bottle and it has a dropper and i simply drop 8 drop beneath my tongue each night before bedtime. He said the over the counter gel capsules don't have a high enough dosage and low vitamin D can lead to autoimmune diseases, which i now have, but having one can lead to others so it's important to keep on top of the vitamin D.

How much iron are you taking? You need to take a decent amount of that too. The one i was taking first off had a very poor dosage amount and in nearly a year on it i went from 8 to about 14. It was only when i went on some high powered stuff that it began moving at all. Low iron is also not good for your thyroid condition. I don't know too much about Graves, i have Hashimoto's myself.

You basically need to stay on top of your doctors. Don't allow them to waste your time as time is very precious when it comes to our health.

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