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Well, I'm back... Graves Disease is "hyper" thyroid. I had a colonoscopy/endoscopy done-had 2 polyps in the colon that were normal, a polyp in my stomach which was normal, and one in my duodenum which was also normal. The gastro. doctor said he didn't see any reason for bleeding from these two tests. I haven't had a follow up visit with him, just spoke to a hurried nurse on the phone. She said everything looked fine, so I assume I either don't have Celiac or it came back negative (if he checked for it). I saw my endocrinologist today. He still seems more concerned about the Vitamin D deficiency for some reason (in Jan. it was 16.3, in March it was 18.9- both low). He has had me on Vit. D, but it's really not helping. He told me to start taking 3,000 IU for the next 2 months to see if that works. My thyroid is stable at the moment, so we are just continuing to watch that while everything else falls apart for no apparent reason. :confused: We discussed my CBC levels. When he checked my ferritin a few months back, it was a 9. When I saw the hematologist it was a 4. The endocrinologist was shocked at the drop. Now, we are back to square one with no end in sight. Here are my lab results- maybe someone can shed some light for me. The doctors seem to be completely confused.
[U]Dec./Jan./ and March results: [/U]
RBC= 3.62 (low)/ 3.94/ 4.12
Hemoglobin=10.7 (low)/ 11.3 (low)/ 11.2 (low)
Hematocrit= 31.4 (low)/33.8 (low)/ 33.4 (low)
RDW= 16.5 (high)/15.6 (high)/ 15.4 (high)
Iron (only tested in Jan from this doctor)- UIBC 380 (high), Iron serum 31 (low) and Iron Saturation 8 (alert)
Vitamin D= no test in Jan./16.3 (low)/18.9 (low)

Sorry for the long post. I am just confused. Doctors can't really explain anything since all the tests are coming back normal. Any suggestions? I go see a new Family doctor Thursday, so hopefully he will have some ideas.
Thanks for "listening".
I agree with japlopper, they ought to test your B12, that is one of the things my treating doctor always did, along with Vitmain D, selenium, zinc, hormones (eg: SHBG, FAI, testosterone), full thyroid test (they didn't know back then i had a thyroid condition), full iron study, iodine.

At first i was taking vitamin D gel capsules and following the direction on the container, then my doctor told me to virtually quadruple the dossage b/c i was below low.

My iodine was extremely low too so they supplemented me for that.

They did a blood test towards the end to check for a gluten intolerance and i came up as being positive for that. I don't ever get any pains or irritable bowel after eating anything with gluten so i never suspected a gluten intolerance, but so many people with anemia/low iron come up as being positive for this.

Regarding malabsorption, i only found out a week ago that i wasn't absorbing my protein as much as i should. My pancreas was not making sufficient enzymes to help digest protein foods, so it sat there fermenting until it passed out of my body, which then contributes to other side effects. I never knew this was possible. This is the reason my doctor believes i was shedding so much hair continuously. Is your hair shedding at an abnormal rate? as a lot of people on this board seem to have this problem too.

How much iron are you taking daily? The other ladies on here who have a thyroid/iron combined problem say it's best to take iron and thyroid meds a few hours apart. I was on an over the counter iron supplement and i wasn't moving up at all. I then found a new doctor and he put me on a very high powered iron formula and told me to take lysine with it as lysine helps speed up the irons movement through your body. I would look into what dosage you are taking.

Even with the high dosage it still took me a little time to get my ferretin moving. Even when your ferretin gets moving it takes time to feel better as your body utilises what iron it gets for your vital organs. My doctor told me that the bone marrow and muscles get it first while hair, skin, nails get it last and that is why he said i might not be feeling a bundle of energy even though it had risen to the 20's.

It does take time and patients and i can fully appreciate how difficult it is when family/friend/coworkers don't understand. My problem was that i was suffering with the low iron and had an undiagnosed thyroid condition. Once my iron went up, i didn't feel a low iron tiredness, but felt another form of tiredness. Luckily the results came back showing i had Hashimoto's and now a new doctor has begun treating that and he is the one who found out about my pancreatic enzymes issue and also did a salivory hormone test which showed my hormones were a mess too, which would also add to tiredness among other things.

I would personally look at your daily iron dosage as well as what is causing your malabsorbtion. You most definitely are not a hyperchondriac and you shouldn't give up. I have learnt so many new things along the way and without the assistance of people on this board and finding a good doctor who knows where i'd be today. It's taken me exactly 7 years to get to the stage where i'm at today. That is way too long and that is why i advise not to give up b/c these problems don't ever go away if simply ignored.

Best wishes and keep us posted :)
TJANE - from what i've read, don't thyroid conditions lead to elevated cholesterol levels? and can also lead to high blood pressure. It seems that a bad thyroid can lead to any number of things.

What sort of a diet are you going on with your husband? You need to take care with diets and being anemic. I know you went from 4 to a 6, but that is extremely low. It's no wonder you feel depressed and out of condition. Even exercise is supposed to be ruled out as it takes up too my oxygen in the body and you don't have sufficient of that due to harldy no iron stores.

I was also extremely low in vitamin D. I think i've pushed mine close to 100 now but both my doctors want it at 125 and the range on the test result is (48 - 144). I used to be at 40, which was below low. My doctor gave me some vitamin D liquid in a bottle and it has a dropper and i simply drop 8 drop beneath my tongue each night before bedtime. He said the over the counter gel capsules don't have a high enough dosage and low vitamin D can lead to autoimmune diseases, which i now have, but having one can lead to others so it's important to keep on top of the vitamin D.

How much iron are you taking? You need to take a decent amount of that too. The one i was taking first off had a very poor dosage amount and in nearly a year on it i went from 8 to about 14. It was only when i went on some high powered stuff that it began moving at all. Low iron is also not good for your thyroid condition. I don't know too much about Graves, i have Hashimoto's myself.

You basically need to stay on top of your doctors. Don't allow them to waste your time as time is very precious when it comes to our health.
TJANE - sorry to hear about your disappointing doctors visit. I truly feel your frustration.
From reading your post it appears doctors have found a number of polyps throughout your system. Did they mention further testing? Removal of the polyps? Are the polyps bleeding?

If the polyps are bleeding then that could account for your blood loss. I've read of people who have had bleeding polyps dealt with and their iron levels raised nicely.

I'm not sure about the pain you feel below your bra strap area. In my case i'd eat a normal sized meal, not even big and i'd feel bloated, lethargic and as though i shouldn't have eaten. I probably mentioned in my post that my pancreatic enzymes were not working the best. Now that i'm on some prescription enzymes that has fixed the tummy issue.

I don't know whether polyps can lead to digestion issues. I think there is a seperate section on the healthboard which deals with digestion issues? maybe you could post there. You also mention that the inside of your stomach is smooth without folds. I don't know what the average person's stomach lining is supposed to look like, but did the doctor state what smooth lining is attributed to?

I understand it's so easy to get defeated and overwhelmed and to simply want to even give up, but you can't. View this episode as striking things off your list or gaining of information eg: polyps which you never knew you had.

Now you need to embark on the next stage of your journey, finding out about these polyps and how they affect you, are they bleeding.

You most definitely need to keep on with the iron. Even if your figures are not going up, don't give up with the iron. There is obviously something else going on and it's crucial you keep taking the iron until doctors finally get to the bottom of it. It could even be multiple things going on. Look at me, thought it was simply low iron, then a thyroid condition, then after tests found out it involved even more things. It's taken me years to get where i am now and it took me 2 years to get my iron up high. Don't focus on the big figures, just look at climbing upwards, even if it is slow going.

Check the dosage of iron you are on as a lot of people are on too low a dosage. It's ok to start off on a low dosage, but increase it bit by bit till your system can handle a higher dosage. Does your iron include vitamin C? Some people have found taking Lysine with the iron to be beneficial as it speeds up the transportation of the iron throught the body.

I know you would love to have more energy and to play with your daughter, but try to explain as best you can to your daughter, but let her know you wont feel this way for ever. Even if you can't do energetic things with her, opt for a compromise and if she is doing something energetic outdoors, at least watch her or get involved with other things with her. So long as you show you care and give her attention in other areas and let her know when you are better you will do all those fun and energetic things together i'm sure she will be just as happy.

Keep us posted on your progress. You will make it :)

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