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I am new to this board. Although I have been battling anemia for years. I think I am worse this time than I have been in the past.I can barely get out of bed. My husband is very unsupportive he says that I should just make myself get up and do what needs to be done. It is nice to find a place that understands what I am going through.
My ferritin is 3.2
Iron saturation is 6%
How bad are these levels?
My hemoglobin and hematocrit are normal.
My RBC level is actually high. How could this be if I am anemic.
I have had iron transfusions in the past and my PCP is sending me to a hematologist next week to see about him giving me an iron transfusion.
I understand what the ferritin is but I don't understand what the iron saturation level means.
Thank you,
Hey there, I believe that the saturation is a percentage of the total amount of iron in your body. When I went for my IV last Monday, I tried to talk my way out of it because I was scared. The nurse told me then, your saturation is below 2% and my hematologist was not going to let me get out of the IV. I thought since my HGB had fluctuated anywhere from 6 to almost 9 in 2 months I might not need it. That is when I learned that the HGB is not the only thing they review. I think she said they wanted to see saturation levels at a minimum 20%, maybe?

My ferratin was very low as well. My CBC results had me extremely low on everything except platelets which doc said is not unusual for someone who has anemia and my WBC was normal, which was a good thing and I want to say my RBC was normal too.
[QUOTE=FLFLOWERGIRL;3504769]Jennifer--The sat% is what iron there is circulating in your blood at the time of the test, which reflects that you are low. The ferritin as you already know, tells that your iron stores in the organs and bone marrow are being depleted. The end stage of iron stores is anemia. And an increased RBC count might show over production of RBC's. Increased RBC will also give you symptoms. When I was anemic my Hgb and Hct both fell below normal range which is an indicator of IDA, iron deficiency anemia. There are many types of anemia.

It's good that you are seeing a Hematologist. Anemia itself is not a disease but rather a symptom of something else going on in the body. Until it is corrected this will keep happening. Do you know why you are battling anemia and needing iron infusions?[/QUOTE]

First of all thanks so much for replying.
No, they don't know what is causing it. That is one reason my PCP is sending me to a hematologist. My PCP said she doesn't believe that I am bleeding internally since my H&H is normal. She thinks that I am not able to absorb the iron properly. She is concerned because last August my ferritin level was 8.2, they rechecked it on January 31 and it had only dropped to 7.9 then when it was checked last week it had dropped by over half to 3.2. Since it dropped so fast it concerned her. So how bad is 6% saturation? I didn't get all of my lab results from the last time this happened so thats why i'm not sure what all of the results mean.
Jennifer--I don't know how bad 6% is per say but it is really low iron in the blood. I was a 6% sat with a 2 Ferritin and 8.5 Hgb. I'm still recovering over a year later. What I'd be more concerned about is the ferritin which you know about. I'm now at a 28% saturation and the range is 13-45 if that helps but I'm taking 150 mgs of iron daily. The GI doc now thinks that I'm having malabsorption due to taking Nexium. My ferritin is was 43 last time checked but I have to live on iron forever, I guess. I also had an ablation because I was first told that it was my periods. That only helped did not solve my problem so now they can tell further what is going on. I'm glad you are seeing a Hematologist now, perhaps they will have more insight for you. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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