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My eyes started feeling like they were strained on & off several months ago, I even went to the eye doctor and they said vision was perfect, maybe they were just dry and told me to use eye drops.
They have continued to bother me, they just feel strained, dont know how else to describe. Since I had my first iron IV last week for my IDA, everyday they have been glossy, several people have asked me if I have been crying and they hurt again, worse though and my vision seems to be blurry.
Anyone else have eye issues? Even though they feel my anemia is menstrual caused, they were checking my blood tests for thyroid, etc. and I am guessing he is going to give me the results when I go in for the follow up in 2 weeks.
Just wondering because my hematologist told me my headaches were related to the anemia which I found interesting so I was wondering if this might be too. I had at least 15 or more headaches a month the past 7 months or so. Called OBGYN when they started, they gave me migraine medicine since alot of people in my family have migraines. Did not know I had iron deficiency anemia then.
I have had an eye issue for about 5 years now. Out of the blue, they just started hurting and felt scratchy. It took me awhile to get diagnosed but I have fairly bad dry eye most likely due to rosacea that affects the glands in my eyelids. I had this problem pre-anemia, during anemia, and now post-anemia!;) So for me, it is not related to the anemia.

You need to see your opthamologist again and have them perform something called a Shirmer's (sp??) test. They put a little piece of paper under your lower lid (it hangs out) and they let it sit for about a minute. They then check it and they can tell if you have true dry eye or not. It is very easy and painless but it took me 3-4 visits before anyone bothered to check.

I was prescribed Restasis and I am mostly symptom-free now. I will tell you that this came on suddenly for me. It was like I was fine one day and then the next the eye discomfort started and that was that. It has not improved with my iron improving either.

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