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I recently got a blood test due to mild fatigue, migraines (which have always coincided with a flare up of iron deficiency anemia in the past), and slightly decreased exercise capacity. My tests showed:

WBC: 3.7 (4.5-11) low, but always like this
RBC: 4.0 (4.0-5.2) borderline
HGB: 13.4 (12-16) normal
HCT: 39.9 (35-47) normal
MCV: 100 (80-100) borderline, last time was 86
MCH: 33 (26-34) borderline, last time was 28
RDW: 11.9 (11.5-14.5) borderline, last time was 14.9
MPV: 10.1 (6-9.5) high
ferritin: 13 (15-300) low
TSH: 2.75

It seems like my RBC count is on the low side, as is the ferritin. The weird thing is that my hgb and hct are very normal, and now the MCV high. Is this at all consistent with B12 or folate deficiency? I do have some GI issues, although I tested negative for celiac. The test was done by my OB, not my hematologist, who is booked up for weeks. The OB was concerned about the ferritin given my history of IDA, but said nothing of the low-ish RBC values. I am currently taking 25mg iron per day, as I have been for years (I am 30).

Just curious if this is something I should pursue. I have definitely been a little groggy lately, and I feel less motivated a work and at the gym. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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