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ajpa, there are other procedures that would help control your bleeding, but you would want to talk to your doctor about the implications with fertility.

I am sort of stunned, based on the symptoms you have described here, that your doctor immediately went to the diagnosis of endometriosis without at least an ultrasound. It doesn't even sound like you have it. It does sound like you have a very rough monthly cycle that might very easily be controlled with BCP. Another person on these boards has had a good response to herbal treatments that a naturopath gave to her to even out her monthly cycle. Perhaps that is an option. Exercise won't do anything for anemia or excessive menstrual bleeding. Nor will eating the right foods and teas. Yes, estrogen dominance can be the reason for the terrible periods. But has your PCP recommended also suggested exploring the other common reasons for anemia such as digestive and GI conditions?

After reading all the tests that many of us have been through here, you might find that if your doctor feels you only the need the pill to fix your bleeding, you're one of the lucky ones.

Have you shared your complete medical history including the depression with your doctor? I would suggest maybe adding a PCP to your cadre of health care professionals and have him/her treat you as an entire patient. The OBGYN is a great place to start, but there can be lots of other reasons for anemia besides the bleeding and your goal should be to get to the bottom of what is causing it and to stop it immediately. My OBGYN is in the same system as my PCP and they share lab results, treatment options etc. But she was by no means qualified to make recommendations on the other causes of anemia.

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