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My ferritin was 10. And no, they did not do any other tests other than ferritin.

The nurse said, "you're just on the low end of normal." I said, "well, that doesn't work for me, I want to be at least at 20, so what should I do." She said, "Hm. I don't know. I'll look it up on the internet." LOL. I should've said, never mind I already have my experts - right here.

So, per reading on this board I have started 65mg of ferrous sulfate, generic CVS brand with oj on an empty stomach in the morning. I'm adding in prunes too, for the obvious reason. And I'm going to cut waaay back on exercise for awhile to see if that helps.

I'm so thankful to you guys - if you hadn't raised this issue, I wouldn't have known that my ferritin was headed down, and it would've taken a lot longer to get it back. Now I am excited that my dizziness and hair loss will someday be remedied. And sometime my running won't exhaust me anymore.

Also, this just goes to show that you can have more than one anemia going on - I have AIHA and quasi iron deficient anemia.

Thanks everyone,

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