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FLFLOWERGIRL, I am wondering what your thoughts/opinions are about chelated iron. I was miserable with heartburn on ferrous gluconate and ferrous fumarate. I am trying to avoid ferrous sulfate because it has such a bad rap. I did a search on chelated iron (or ferrous bisglycinate) both on this board and on the internet and I find a mixed bag of opinions on it. It doesn't hurt my stomach at all, but then I also start to wonder if its because it's not working. Dunno.

The proof of course will be when I next do my blood draws. But I can also say I feel pretty darn good lately. I haven't had a single heart flutter since taking it.
ChickieLou--I know how you feel because everyone has their own opinion and level of sensitivity. I really think you just have to try it to know. I don't know anything about this form of iron. I have read that it is an ionic iron too, like FS but don't know the difference. Ionic iron, iron salts is Ferris Sulfate, Fumarate, Ferris Gluconate, Ferris Bis-glycinate, that is what I have read.

If it doesn't bother you, your lucky to have found something. Just because it doesn't bother you really doesn't mean it's not working, but I understand why you might think that. And...if you feel good that is your best test of all.

I take small amounts of gluconate in my multi and that amount doesn't bother me. The amount taken is also something to consider.

I also take a Poly Iron Complex, PIC=A Non Ionic Synthetic iron surrounded by a complex of carbohydrates. I have no side effects from it at all. I have also read that tannins and phytates don't interact with this form of iron either. I wonder about that.

The reason that I give Ferris Sulfate a bad rap is because I was on it 3X daily and it killed me, gave me enteritis for 3 months (the GI doc couldn't fix me) and I ended up in the ER. Glad you are feeling well. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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