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Gosh, where will this board take me next? Fascinating stuff. I searched around and found a bunch of stuff on my iron supplement that says the same thing about it being good to take with foods high in phytates. In fact, it says to take it with food on the bottle which I have been doing, so I am assuming there are no concerns with this. The other ones I tried said to take on an empty stomach. No can do.

I jotted your iron down for the future. Supplements of all kinds seem to have an effect on me in that if they aren't the kind that kill my stomach immediately, the stomach effects build up until I am suddenly miserable from them about 3 months later. This one could still be a time-bomb for me. You never know.

All doctors seem to want to put patients on ferrous sulfate. It's so unimaginative to just send people out to the store to get this when it has such heinous effects on the stomach and there are others that might work as well. My doctor said "just do the best you can on it, even if you can only take it every other day". That right there scared me.

I'll mention something else to people that I discovered. The first two iron supplements that bothered my stomach were purchased at a major healthy grocery store chain which I won't name. But as it turns out, they take back supplements that don't agree with people or you just can't take for whatever reason -- even when they are opened and used. Since this stuff is very expensive as well as potentially dangerous to children to have around the house and should not be disposed of down the drains, this is very good to know. So, I guess for those that buy their supplements at the local healthy grocery chain, ask if they have such a return policy so you can try different things until you find one that doesn't wreck your stomach. It was nice to get my $56 back. ;)

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