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You need to find out if you have any bleeding going on - like in your GI track. Sometimes it's heavy periods, sometimes things like too much NSAIDS can cause tiny bleeds in your stomach, and that blood loss can cause trouble. But there's other things too, like celiac disease and pernicious anemia and in my case, it's autoimmune hemolytic anemia and iron deficiency.

You'll have to start searching, one test at a time. Kudos to that dr that discovered the problem! Many of us on this board have had to chart our own course, and request our own tests. You'll need a complete workup.

Once they figure out what's wrong - that will determine the treatment. My hemolytic anemia is treated with Prednisone or IVIG or Rituxan. Iron deficiency anemia requires iron. Pernicious anemia requires B12 shots and folic acid.

So it depends on the cause. Low ferritin is a symptom of something else. Like loss of appetite - it's not specific and simply trying to correct it isn't the answer - you have ot do some investigation. It's long and tedious and can be frustrating, but at least you know now. Lots of people on this board have been down the same road and will help you whenever they can!

You can make an appointment with a GI doc to evaluate your situation. They are the ones that rule out internal bleeding and diseases related to malabsorption. Because your B-12 looks a little low it might be malabsorption. You can also have IDA iron deficiency anemia and PA pernicious anemia at the same time. Do you have heavy periods at all? This is usually the reason for females, but NOT always just the first thing they assume is the cause. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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