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Don't you just love the way a lot of doctors find it easiest to pigeon hole everything into the "your depressed" slot. If i had a dollar for every time i've read a post where doctors are saying a patient is simply depressed or is wishing them to go onto antidepressants........

When your iron levels drop to such a low figure it can be quite common for it to take ages for it to climb. I was taking your basic over the counter iron supplement (small dosage) and it took me a year to get from 8 to 14. Waaaaaaay to long according to the new doctor i ended up seeing. He put me on a MUCH higher dosage of iron supplement and made sure i was taking Lysine with it for maximum benefit. Once i began the higher dosage of iron supplementation, along with the Lysine, it took me another year to get from 14 to 61. I hoverered in the 20's for quite a lot of that time, which seems to be common.

Don't expect to feel too good too soon and you have to remember that everybody is an individual. Even when my ferretin was in the 20's i was still tired. Wasn't until it got into the 30's and close to 40 that i personally began to feel better.

You wont feel better right away as your iron stores firstly go to vital areas of the body eg: bone marrow and muscles. Areas like hair and energy get it last and only get what is left over. If there is none left over then they miss out till your reserves build even higher.

Take care not to drink caffeinated beverages within 2hrs of taking your iron med's. Certain foods and drinks will affect your iron absorbtion.

Don't overdo the exercise. When your iron is extremely low you don't have as much oxygen. Too much exercise at this point will only tire you even more.

Make certain your doctor checks your B12, vitamin D, iodine, zinc, selenium and whatever else is possible. I was below low in my vitamin d and iodine, which can be common, yet some doctors out there don't bother checking.

Lastly, if your iron is taking forever to work it's way up over too long a period, look at what could be causing this. I only found out earlier this year that i was gluten intolerant, i had a thyroid condition called Hashimoto's, my pancrease wasn't releasing the required amount of enzyme to digest protein hence iron dropping as particularly meat products simply fermented in my body and also i had adrenal fatigue which contributed to my tiredness as did the thyroid condition. I spent too much time focusing on the iron, but other things can lead to same symptoms.

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