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My panic attacks started because I realized (or it finally registered) that anemia IS serious. Serious enough to be the illness that explains such horrible symptoms. So I think, like you, I had been told so often that it was mild that I dismissed my lack of energy as benign. It wasn't until I called 911 in a parking garage in February that I started to put two and two together. Even now, my PCP thinks my heart symptoms are due to something with my heart, and my gynecologist thinks my dizziness and lack of energy are due to "the change of life". I will BET my life it's ALL due to anemia. Since being on iron, I haven't had any symptoms, except for anxiety when my mind finally figured out "this is serious!"

It takes time, and persistence. I can't say enough for acupuncture to help with anxiety. I completely understand about taking drugs and having them cause more anxiety and that's why I tried a more holistic approach. I realize it's not for everyone, but it's better than taking anti-anxiety medication and I thought it was worth a shot in that respect.

Some foods do interfere with absorption. You don't want to take your iron supplement or iron-rich foods with calcium-containing products, coffee, tea, red wine, spinach or leafy greens, whole grains or soy products. (I am actually planning on posing a question about foods to the board, so stay tuned for that.) You want to take your supplement with orange juice in some cases, but not all supplements require this.

What type of iron supplement are you trying out? Be prepared to try different kinds. They are known to cause stomach upset, although some people tolerate them just fine. For me, this was a bigger challenge than anything else.

Good luck.

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