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OKay, one full year since this started with iron deficiency anemia. my hemoglobin went up (to an AWESOME 11!!!!!!!!! from 8.6) BUt, the iron levels are creeping up. I have been on 365 iron 3X day since about October.

This new hematologist at Univ Penn says, you are severely anemic, keep taking the iron for like a year. end of story.

okay, still feeling like crap. do you mean to tell me i could take almost a year to feel like a normal person.

i am goign to ob/gyn next week to see if i should be on BCP. the thing that scares me is the hormones and increased risk of breast cancer with certain BCP. My mother and twin sister have breast cancer (and my grandmother and my aunt and my cousin)...craaaaaaaazy

anyway, i have had endometriosis and a history of fibroids, but had an ultrasound an NO fibroids in there. my period is heavy for 2 days then it is almost gone. i am 40, maybe i am starting menopause? should i ask my ob for hormone testing? :confused:

i just dont know where to go from here. I am on a prozac type medicine for PMDD and one day out of hte blue I was SO depressed, dont kown where it came from, extremeely irritable and crying. it lasted like 3 days getting a little better each day. it scares me that i am on medication and can still feel like this.:(

okay, i am rambling. sorry ladies, this board is wonderful. thanks for "listening" and ANY help or advice you can give.


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