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I was shocked :o when I found out I had a bleeding ulcer. But as time went on I understand that what ever was going on in my stomach probably had alot to do with some of the other things that were going on in my life (Always known as the tired one, hard to do stuff even when I really wanted to do things and i was excited about doing them, and always self monitering myself to see how I feel). It may have caused me to be anemic even before the ulcer which would explain why I would get so so exhausted and for me its hard to go to sleep when I am painfully tired. So maybe this has something to do with it. I don't think I will know the full extent of how this has been affecting me or for how long until I have "fully" recovered. You know I don't know what to expect in the future so I got to take it day by day.

Like many people have said, the symptoms are similar to depression but the reality is that I've always wanted to go out and do things but I've usually was too tired. I think that is the different between depression and these physical ailments. From what I understand, when your depressed not only do you not feel like doing anything but you don't really want to do it either. I always wanted to do things. Unfortunately I think that their is a quiet assumption among my family and friends that I am just a morose person which I began to believe myself. I hope that I can prove them wrong when I am better. But this bacteria may have been in my stomach for the past 15 years inhibiting the uptake of b-12. I was diagnosed 15 years ago with anemia and was scoped up both ways and tested and tested and nothing could come up. Couldn't find out how I was losing blood. Apparently I've never had the same sort of energy since they found out I was anemic 15 years ago. Of course all of this is coming to light after the fact that I had an ulcer.:D

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