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samsam - a previous partner of mine was bleeding internally and he ended up in hospital but they couldn't find out where he was losing the blood from. In the end they treated him for ulcers, even though they had not found any ulcers.

He then did a H-pylori (sp?) test and came up positive for that. It's believed that these bugs in the stomach cause the ulcers. He was treated for the H-pylori and was fine after that. Nobody even tested his iron levels back then, simply gave him a blood transfusion and a weeks stay in hospital. Apparently H-pylori is very common.

My mother spoke to a woman who was once anemic. She had so many internal tests done to find out where she could be bleeding from or what could be causing it and they never found a thing. Then one day a doctor, during one of those internal exams, found the tiniest hole/tear in one of her intestines i think it was. Once they patched this up she was fine and has never looked back since.

That is always my worry, that numerous doctors can perform tests, yet not find a thing, while all along there is something actually there.

Thyroid issues are common and it is believed that a lot of people are walking around with undiagnosed thyroid issues as the symptoms are similar to so many other conditions. For a lot of people their thyroid tests aren't even way out or off the scale and their doctor will say they are fine as the test came back "within range", yet even being slightly out can cause people to suffer symptoms.

On the other hand, long term low iron can affect the thyroid and once your ferretin goes up the thyroid will self correct if everything is ok with the thyroid. In my case my thyroid didn't self correct and that is when my doctor began looking into my thyroid test results a little more thoroughly.

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