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[QUOTE=StephieK;3522121] "If both saturation and ferritin are extremely low, you must discover why. Low iron is a signal that iron is being used by cancer cells or is feeding bacteria, or usually it means there is chronic daily blood loss. The bleeding could be from an ulcer or tumor, etc. The source must be found."

So, a couple of questions:
1) Does anyone have any opinion or insight on a decreased iron saturation level?
2) Has anyone tried provera for heavy periods with positive results?
3) Has anyone tried something else for heavy periods that worked well?
4) Has anyone gone through testing to get a definite answer to the low iron levels? Or is it just assumed that a female with low iron is due to heavy periods?[/QUOTE]

Well, I must say that first bit sounds quite scary! I have been struggling with low saturation and ferritin for almost a year now, and my doctor is not worried about it AT ALL. As well, after taking iron for over 6 weeks, my ferritin level did not raise at all and is still close to 0. I developed my anemia and low ferritin after a very bad infection, so I am surprised that I was never told this.

To answer your fourth question, my doctor said that testing to find the source of my low iron levels was not necessary, and told me it is extremely common in women because of heavy periods (which I do not have at all). In addition, when I tried to press the issue, it was suggested that I see a psychologist, so I have not been back even though I am so tired and weak I can barely get through the day.

To attempt to answer your second and third questions; I don't know a lot about Provera, but most birth control pills can shorten the duration of your period substantially and don't really cause weight gain (even though others will try to tell you that they do)!

Good luck!

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