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Both my PCP and Endo don't want to look into why my ferritin is low. They both think its heavy periods. I also had post partum depression with both pregnancies which actually could have been low iron, since I didn't take the prenatals like I should have. (made me horribly sick) So between the two pregnancies and heavy periods is that enough? Should I press them to test for another source? I have my yearly exams and have never had any bowel problems, I've always had good blood work. (They never tested ferritin til now) But I've had an issue with fatigue since as long as I can remeber. Also my endo said my b12 was fine but I've heard on here it may be beneficial to have your b12 higher than "normal". I'm taking a sup. that has b12 as well as iron so that should help. I'm so impatient. Now that I have a name for what's wrong with me I want to get better and start living life!!!

Also I can tolorate my iron sup pretty well, I do take it with food and sometimes try it without. But sometimes I get such a "burning" feeling in my stomach at night, I have to take mylanta or something. Am I doing damage to my body? I'd hate to get my iron up then all of a sudden have stomach cancer or an ulcer! If its just a stomach ache i can handle it, I just don't want to be doing irriversible damage.


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