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Wow - you are an educated bunch. I hope you can help me, as my OB/GYN is in surgery all day today and was not available to interpret my labwork I got this a.m.

SO..I've had years of heavy periods and this last one was the worst - I went to her and she took one look at me and said I was anemic. Brainfog, weak, white lips and inner eyelids, racing heart, ringing ears.....Sono from today shows a small uterien biggie. I'm most worried about my blood!

I still don't know what to make of my bloodwork - All low : Hemoglobin 8, Hematocrit 24, RBC 3.03, WBC 2.0...but these were high : RDW 16.4 and Monocytes 12. I thought Monocytes were White blood cells? How can my WBC be low and my monocytes high ? Is this part of anemia, or something else?

Also, how long does it usually take to build the Hemoglobin back up ? They started me on Repliva, but I have GERD and worried the iron will hurt my stomach? What a mess.

Thank you!! :)

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