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HI - thanks for your reponse FLFLOWERGIRL!

OBGYN thought the high monocytes were due to a concurrent "viral syndrome" - i.e. red blood count down as well as fighting off an infection. I have 2 small kids at home - who knows what I could fighting off at any given point. She was not particularly worried about the WBC's and only recommended the transfusion because I whined so mightily about my flu-like fatigue and fogginess! I found out today that my insurance will only cover a portion of the ablation (taking it from an expected $30 copay to almost $700). GAH! :mad: Why is insurance so expensive if they pay for nothing.

Interestingly, I've been seeing my regular acupuncturist who's treatments gave me tons more energy within hours. She also said that I don't metabolize Vitamin C or iron the way I should and wondered why (like you) my Obgyn hasn't run other blood tests, like hormone levels.

I'll definitely ask for ferritin, b12, folate and hormone panels at my next draw - great advice.

Hope all is well with everyone !

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