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melanie73--I don't know about the blood transfusion part. First, I don't understand your WBC'c, what did she say about that? I will share what my doctor told me about blood transfusion. My Hgb was 8.5 L with a Hct of 27.3 L close to your numbers although my white counts were normal. My PCP said, if I was his wife he would not let me receive a transfusion. He went on to say that they usually don't require that until the Hgb is around a 7. So with that information I would at the least get a second opinion by your PCP or whomever you are seeing. It is not without risk. Many of my family members have received transfusions and they all have been completely fine. It's when there is a complication that it's no longer okay, but then it's too late. I know I was able to bring my numbers up quickly within 3 months (12.9 hgb) not too bad with heavy periods included. I had complication afterwards so I became anemic again:(. My point is that it doesn't take that long if you stop the bleeding it would even be less time.

The most important thing right now is to get iron into you. You need to be on the right type and amount of iron with Vit-C already added. I would say a script that is easily tolerated. And a good multi vitamin to help with the rebuilding of blood cells. If you are deficient in any other things this would help too. I took Poly iron 150 X2 daily=300mgs of iron. Did you have your Ferritin and Vitamin B-12, Floate checked as well? If not, these test should be ran, simple blood tests.

About the ablation. When the cells in the uterus are burned out they are no longer there to receive hormone from the ovaries. What little amount of cells are left will interact with the hormones to cause you to have a light/er period. I don't think the ovaries and cysts matter in that respect. I have a cyst on one of my ovaries too.

Something that a friend of mine did was to go on BCP for a month before the surgery to stop the blood loss and build the Hgb before having the ablation, so I'm throwing that out there for you to ponder. My Hgb was 10.9 when I had the surgery, it took me 7 months to decide to have it so in the meantime I had plenty of time to rebuild my blood with supplements. I would take a little time research your options because there are other things like the Mirena that you may also want to consider. That would be my second option, I like what I went with. At least you have options, I wouldn't make a quick decision without consulting other doctors at least your PCP. Good luck to you. FLFLOWERGIRL:)
HI - thanks for your reponse FLFLOWERGIRL!

OBGYN thought the high monocytes were due to a concurrent "viral syndrome" - i.e. red blood count down as well as fighting off an infection. I have 2 small kids at home - who knows what I could fighting off at any given point. She was not particularly worried about the WBC's and only recommended the transfusion because I whined so mightily about my flu-like fatigue and fogginess! I found out today that my insurance will only cover a portion of the ablation (taking it from an expected $30 copay to almost $700). GAH! :mad: Why is insurance so expensive if they pay for nothing.

Interestingly, I've been seeing my regular acupuncturist who's treatments gave me tons more energy within hours. She also said that I don't metabolize Vitamin C or iron the way I should and wondered why (like you) my Obgyn hasn't run other blood tests, like hormone levels.

I'll definitely ask for ferritin, b12, folate and hormone panels at my next draw - great advice.

Hope all is well with everyone !

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