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sfish2257--It was my first time that I have ever had a "procedure" and it wasn't bad at all. For me though, I can't take pain meds because of my stomach, so I took nothing. You really need a little something. At the end of the day I took 2 advil and went back to sleep. When I woke up the minor discomfort (mild pain that reminded me of mild back labor) was completely gone. They say that's how it happens about 8 hours of discomfort and then it just goes away all at once. Mine was longer like double the time but not too bad at all. And very much worth it. I also had bad heart palpitations that whole day because of my anemia and the drugs they put into your system, but I slept through most of it. I had never been put to sleep before and was a little scared about it. I was given meds ahead of time in the IV for nausea because I was already ill. I was not sick at all afterwards which was nice. The doc told me on the way in that I was a high risk (thanks!) because I was anemic 10.9, nauseated and hiatal hernia. I didn't care I was excited to have it done because I thought that was the ~whole~ answer to my anemia, and I'm finding out it wasn't.

For about a week I had mild spotting and after that follows a clear discharge for a while everyone is different with these two things that I mentioned. Mine didn't last for long and was not bad at all.

You can also go on the Womens' Health Board and use the search box for EA and see what others have to say about it. Not everyone is happy like me. I know two other people that had this done. One is happy like me, and the other is just okay with her results, but she has already had 2 D & C's. They want to repeat the ablation, which will probably work this time they think. Some people have problems (like bleeeding), that an ablation will not fix. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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