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FLFLOWERGIRL - see, that's the problem, who can you fully trust to monitor anything when conflicting answers keep being given. The medical profession can't even get together and give a uniform answer on what ferretin level does the body perform best. I can see in some situations perhaps a too high ferretin could cause problems with another health issue, but if there are no other serious health issues then i'd say a higher ferretin wouldn't be harmful. I'd be happy sitting at 70. My Trichologist still recommends that my ferretin be between 100 - 125, but then my issues are different to yours. Now that i'm on the T3 meds it's harder as i have to take them twice per day at the moment, so i do that morning and night and take the iron at lunch time.

I too did some research on the pancreatic enzymes last night. I never even realised what a big job the pancrease performs. I simply thought it regulated blood sugars and had something to do with diabetes.

I guess all these health issues are teaching all of us about our bodies and which organs do what.

The only thing i do know is that the majority of people on this board don't have simple plain old low iron issues. Majority of people are only dealing with low iron as a side issue and there are other things going on, but what those other things are is a mystery for most of us. It's good that we can all post our progress as it gives ideas to other on what other areas to check up on, especially if their doctor isn't willing to offer possible suggestions.

When your Endo asked whether someone was monitoring your blood you ought to have asked ' are you offering???'. LOL :)

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