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Hiya Osteo :) The other board gets full up with posts way to quick and it becomes a tad difficult to locate people's posts on there. I sat up last night till late reading all 7 pages in one hit!!

It took me forever to get to 61 and at the start my iron moved at a snails pace. The iron supplements used to make me sick and give me IBS until he put me on iron phospate pills as well to combat the IBS. Then as the iron was moving way too slow i decided to get a series of iron injections in my rear. That shot my levels up, but it was a false high and at the end of it i only went from 20 something to about 35 (think i moved up 7 points). I was soooo upset as i thought the injections would work like magic and get me up into the 50's. My doc said the injections give a false high, but if you are having difficulty getting your figures up then the injections are a good idea to sort of kick start things.

I used to take a lysine tablet then my iron meds. The lysine is an amino acide which is supposed to help speed the transportation process of the iron through your system and it also helps rebuild hair follicles (or some such thing). Then my doc got me onto a better formula of iron supplement which had the lysine, B vitamins and a heap of other stuff all in the iron powder. (he has a chemist who formulates all this stuff specifically for his practices). It was strong stuff and eventually got my levels up.

So in one doctors visit i was told my ferretin was 61..... BUT..... you have just been diagnosed with hashimoto's and your gluten tolerance isn't the best. Great.

Then he sends me to this new doc at the university who after testing says "your pancreas is not working properly, your adrenals are stuffed, your estrogen is over double what it should be..........can the list get any longer.

I temporarily forgot all about my iron and was very depressed about all these other issues for a good 2 weeks. I was crying daily and feeling awfully sorry for myself. I just felt that i had suffered enough with other things which had occurred in my life and now i get all of this. OK, it's not the end of the world, but i just felt so overwhelmed. Then to top it off i have all these people who think i look healthy. Even the naturopath couldn't believe it all and said nobody would think i had all these things going on b/c to them i look "glowing". Admittedly i do get the odd person who thinks i look like i've had the life sucked out of me. Maybe it all depends if i'm on a good or a bad day.

Oh well, guess that's Hashi's for you. I'm more positive now and some of the meds seem to have kicked in so will simply play things by ear.

As for the iron, i think a higher dosage is the way to go and to take it religiously every single day. Also you need to be aware that certain foods/beverages will inhibit the absorbtion. I was also making fresh fruit juices with the main ingredient being beetroot, which is good for the blood and good for your iodine levels which means good for the thyroid.

Where are you levels up to now? The main things is not to give up. Take care :)

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