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I always found it odd that i had sufficient B12, but not other things. There are so many facets to having low iron and all the other side effects and everybody appears to suffer in varying ways depending on what's causing the low iron in the first place. As for the hair, i'm not expecting it to change over night. Even if they have found the cause i know it will take months and months or even at least a year.

I'm feeling a little better being on all these new med's. Bit of nuisance having to take so much stuff and remembering what to take, when to take it. It will take me ages to get used to the Hashi's i think. One night i get a good sleep and the next i'm tired, but 'wired' and can't fall asleep and the next day i anticipate being tired but i've got so much energy. Bit of a roller coaster at this stage.

The cortisol tablets for the adrenal fatigue has cleared the fog in my head, which is an amazing relief. Now when i get tired it's simply a tired feeling or a tired behind the eyes feeling.

How's your iron going, have you been retested?

Hope all is well, take care :)

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